(MC) Jingle & the JazzBoys ®

 MYR 4550.00

Up to 50 tables within 600 pax

25 – 30 songs within 2.5 hours

Multi-lingual songs & hosting (emcee preview)

1 female singer (Jingle Teh)

1 rhythmist/guitarist-cum-singer (Damien Chew)

1 jazz pianist/keyboardist (Moses Chuah)

1 bassist/lead guitarist-cum-singer (Mahazan Jalaluddin)

Top brand (RCF) sound system (up to 4 units of speakers)

Add-on Premium Sound Support for only MYR 1040.00

Jingle & the JazzBoys Songlist

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Previously named 'Dajimamo', today this formidable team by WiC is rebranded to the name ‘Jingle & the JazzBoys.' Below are their live video and audio previews. They are a 4-piece band with Moses, notably on the keyboard, usually providing jazz renditions, fronted by the trio, Dajima, which includes Damien the crooner, Mahazan the soul rocker, and Jingle the songbird.

Dajima ft. Wei En

Wei En

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In November 2017, we met a young lad named Wei En whom stands in as our keyboardist whenever Moses is unavailable. He is a music graduate from University Sains Malaysia and is actively performing in a full band setup at pubs and events in Penang with Instyle Band (pop & rock band), and also Jazztify (jazz band).

Musician Add-ons

By adding a drummer i.e. having an acoustic drumset, what actually you’re also adding are a pair of sub-woofers, two additional amps (for bass and electric guitar/synthesizer), a longer sound mixer (more channels), a set of drum mics and snake-cables, a professional sound engineer to handle the sound system with proper attention which also requires an additional hour of stage setup. 

In overall, musically it offers a much fuller music vibe and definitely a better live-sound experience.

Click for video previews:  Drummer

PRICE: drummer @ MYR 700

PRICE (compulsory addition): full band system @ MYR 1625

PRICE (optional)big stage/hall solution @ MYR 520

A similar role to the rhythm guitarist however with a much dedicated accent in its beats pattern and shaker, the cajon requires no complications in its setup, unlike the acoustic full drumset. Suitable addition on top of an acoustic band setup.

Click for video previews:  Cajon Player

PRICE: cajon player @ MYR 700

Each instrumentalist (trumpeter, saxophonist & violinist) shown above has their own unique sound which potentially enhance songs in different styles. Because the taste of songs vary from one to another, adding these instruments on the band setup should be creatively careful/particular. 

Click for video previews:  SaxophonistTrumpetter / Violinist

PRICE: saxophonist @ MYR 630 | trumpetter @ MYR 560 | violinist @ MYR 560 

4P (2019)

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