Hosting & Live Music

4P (2019)

Basic 4P @ MYR 3650  /  Jingle & the Jazz Boys @ MYR 4150

Up to 40 tables / 400 pax

1 female singer (by default is Jingle Teh; view options here)

Multi-lingual hosting (emcee: Jingle Teh) and songs

High quality brand (RCF) sound system (up to 4 units speakers)

1 rhythm guitarist / percussionist / -cum-singer

1 keyboardist / synthesizer / electric-guitarist

1 bassist / keyboardist

View: Terms & Duration / Band Sets

Additional charges may apply for a non-basic line-up. 


By adding a drummer i.e. having an acoustic drumset, what actually you’re also adding are a pair of sub-woofers, two additional amps (for bass and electric guitar/synthesizer), a longer sound mixer (more channels), a set of drum mics and snake-cables, a specialised sound system attention which requires additional 1 hour for the whole band setup). In overall, it’s a different live sound experience. 

A similar role to the rhythm guitarist however with a much dedicated accent in its beats pattern and shaker, the cajon requires no complications in its setup, unlike the acoustic full drumset. Suitable addition on top of an acoustic band setup.


Each instrumentalist shown above has their own unique sound which potentially enhance songs in different styles. Because the taste of songs vary from one to another, adding these instruments on the band setup should be creatively careful/particular.

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