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Performance Contract

Monthly / weeekly live band provision

Christmas musical

Food & Beverages (in cart)

In partnership with The Alley Penang, we offer you packages on specialty coffee, churros & cakes (goes well for cocktail session / guest arrivals / garden wedding ceremony)

Wine (currently unavailable / new suppliers required / call us)

Australian Wine (10 types of choices) 

Candy Bars, Handcrafts & Souvenirs

Promoting 'Blush & Bloom’ (decorators from Penang) in their services that include giftaways, candy bars and table decorations

Wedding Invitation Card Designing

Promoting Vivien Teh by ’Nove’ (calligraphy artist/painter from Penang) in her services that also include event logo, spot caligraphy, monogram, place cards, wedding signage, and wax seal


Spot-lighting the bride & groom / performers (via a follow-spot with a personnel maneuvering it)

Wall ambience lightings (via L.E.D. lightings)

Dancing lightings (in-sync with the music via the programmable L.E.D. lightings)

Stage ambience (via L.E.D. or Parcan Lightings)

Moving-heads (automated lightings; stage, wall, ceiling, name-wordings light-design etc.) 

Projector & Screen (NEW: L.E.D. screen panel; even for large sizes)

Fog Machine (smoke machine)

Sound System (a compulsory inclusion for having a band)

S. System for the luncheon / dinner

S. System for R.O.M. / Cocktail session 

PA System for indoor / outdoor events 

PA System for mall roadshows

Emcee (compulsory for a wedding)

Wedding Dinner Emcee

Roadshow Multi-lingual Emcee

R.O.M. Ceremony Emcee

Corporate Dinner Emcee 

Musical (Cocktail / R.O.M.)

Guitarist-cum-singer (Solo act)

Chinese Classical Gu Zheng Player (Solo act)

String Duo (1 Violin + 1 Classical Guitar)

Strollers Trio (1 Double-bass + 2 Guitars + 2 Vocals)

Jazz Instrumental Trio (1 Bass + 1 Piano + 1 Saxophone)

String Quartet (1 Cello + 1 Viola + 2 Violins)

Live Band (Wedding dinners / Corporate events / Mall Entertainment)

3P-and-above (Smaller band setups) 

Full band (with acoustic drum set)

Live Band (Birthday bash / Full-moon infant / Private celebrations)

2P band options 

3P band options 

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