Extra Charges

Song Request 

Everyone has their own favourite songs or two, and we musicians will be happy to learn them up for you (charges apply only up to RM200 per song). However, we will have to decide if the request(s) is feasible for the band setup or not before we confirm those songs with you. 

This is because the preparation needed for a particular song (chord chart, instrument arrangement, and sufficient practices for all the band members involved) takes time, planning and effort. If we cannot do to our best or close to our best (for the requested song), we would rather not do it. It does not only show our incapability; it would not bring the impact and feeling of the song the way the song is meant to be. 

Reminder: Only up to 5 songs-request to consider

Overtime charges

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According to our experience, it is probably around 20% of the time our clients would go on to stretch the gig for an overtime. 

Overtime performance (1 hour at max) will be charged only if the total gigging duration (2.5 hours from the intended grand march-in/opening) is stretched longer than 10 minutes: RM50 per performer per 30 minutes. 

Please refer to each of the T&C of Wedding Dinner, R.O.M. and Company Event to understand the typical flow of the agendas for these various occasions so to be able to gauge the expectation of the total duration. 

Outdoor charges

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Extra charges will be implemented if the outdoor event does not have a shelter (canopy) to cover the sound system & area of band performance. This additional charge is RM100 i.e. to hire an extra soundman to stand-by for the outdoor weather uncertainty. A further RM200 will be charged if it rained (the whole sound system and band setups are required to relocate). 

Outstation charges

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Click HERE to view the table showing the extra charges for different outstation events. We will help you calculate the total and email you. 

In a nutshell, for gigs beyond Ipoh (Perak) to down south, or beyond Perlis up north, WiC would expect our clients to provide the accomodation for the band and emcee (and other vendors if necessary). The transportation and bonus allowances will be calculated separately referring to the table (in the clickable link in this paragaph). 


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