Who’s Charlie? 

We are all Charlies, your entertainers! And we are delighted to bring you an improved and friendly services in finding your desired band for your big occasion, be it wedding dinner, R.O.M. ceremony, dance party, roadshow or corporate event. 

We take pride in our experiences celebrating wedding themes like ‘East Meets West’ where a local Chinese marries a foreigner (e.g. Japanese, English, American, and Australian). Nonetheless, we have also done cross-culture wedding celebrations between a Chinese and a Malay or an Indian. And some are actually multiracials. That’s the beauty being in a country like Malaysia. Everything gets more interesting; even the music!

We have seen that love knows no boundaries when two individuals from separate continents would unite in a celebration of love which brings all friends and families from all over many parts of the world; And since the air-ticket is just a few clicks away, welcome us to your town to senerate your wedding perhaps? =D 

Why 'Charlie’?

Previously, it was ‘your wedding singer’ and the enthusiasts, or simply YWSE. Knowing that it’s a long phrase to remember, the idea of ‘your wedding singer’ is to be replaced by a person’s name instead, a name that is so commonly known in the entertainment and shows. And that was how the name ‘Charlie’ popped out immediately, just like that. And so, without much thought, the name ‘Wedding Charlie’ was about to take place, until Chin Fern, who was then the partner of Damien, had suggested to make the name more unique by adding in the word ‘in’ in between, without any particular meaning. And so as special as it is, Damien had agreed too. Then, ‘kaboom’, the name took its place since.

WiC Administratives

JIngle Damien Admin Pic

Enquiry Manager (Jingle Teh) & Band Leader (Damien Chew)

We always strive to entertain our audience even when we are not engaged in a wedding gig. Because we know we can reach out to you (our audience) via our music on YouTube videos. So do support our continual efforts to entertain you by spreading the good words of mouth to your relatives and friends about us! 

The English language would be our main spoken language, where Mandarin, Cantonese, and our local dialect (Penang Hokkien) are also in our everyday conversations! “Eh sai ka wa lang kong hokkien wua pun…” Hehe! And yes, we do sing Chinese songs. =)

Feel free to roam around this site to find more of our other services, our crews and the talents we promote. 

We serve with care and ultimately we are into solving your live music entertainment needs. 

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