Company History

How It All Started

It began with Damien Chew teaming up more frequently with Annie Wong (female vocalist) and Ezekiel Saik (keyboardist), after collaborating with many other musicians and singers occasionally in 2012, founding the company, Your Wedding Singer and the Enthusiasts (YWSE), in August that year. 

In 2013, Chin Fern (female vocalist) joined the company on a permanent basis and together they rebranded the company name to Wedding in Charlie (WiC). In 2014, Daniel Chan (singer-songwriter) collaborated with Chin Fern and Damien on many occasions and he has since been with the company for its band services. Cross Goh (female vocalist-cum-keyboardist) has appeared to be with WiC permanently as well since late 2014, while Jingle Teh has joined the company in early 2015. 

As seen in the videos and pictures of WiC, many other local talents has been and are still serving the company on ad-hoc basis. These notable musicians and singers which frequently performs together in WiC gigs are Sean Ooi, Kenny Gabriel, Jonathan Yee, Jay Sern, Leonard Selva, Jordan Scully, Hazel Leong, Jay Lim, Zharif Zaki, and Moses Chuah. The course of this company is to bring together the same enthusiastic musicians and singers to work and to improve together happily whether in providing services to clients, or making music for other good causes. 

The above newspaper column from the New Straits Times in October 2014 marked the emergence and recognition of the band ‘Charlie & the Lions’ in Penang, made up of the main trio Damien, Chin Fern and Daniel Chan.    

WiC Appreciation Dinner | Chinese New Year 2015 (Steamboat at Cantonment Road)

WiC Appreciation Dinner | Chinese New Year 2016 (The empty seat is left for ‘Charlie’! Haha..)

The Opening of Studio Charlie | July 15th 2017 (wedding vendors, musicians, and WiC friends)

WiC Annual Dinner 2018 and gathering at GLOW Hotel, Penang in February.


WiC at the St. Giles Wembley Bridal Fair 2018.


WiC’s JazzBoys new tuxedo outfits designed in February 2019.

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